Peaky Blinders 2016

1st Peaky Blinders 

Saturday 24th Sept 2016, 12 Noon

Peaky Trash

In Full 1920s Style

We kicked orf (near the Birmingham city FC ground with fine Ale at the Woodman pub est 1897

A sympathetically restored

local inn of traditional charm and character

Although missing on parent duties

Nosejob's right hand man and reccie wing commander Soggy Balls

Latecomer LC (Elsie)

stepped up to the mark and made sure we were all present and correct and very well turned out

Tighter Twat and Show Me Your Posse enticed the paparazzi and coupled to flash

The Peaky mob circled up,

Stepping out in style we were all amazed by the man himself

Cillian Clem Murphy

(See pics)

Only out dressed by Oh So Victorian vivacious

Wriggle's amazin brazen oh my gord (see pics)

swimmean one hell of a costume.

The Hyistorical tour of some of Birmingham's oldest pubs yes Hic! had bygone,


Onto the recently reclaimed hidden treasure

Of the Eagle and Tun

has been closed for best part of a decade,

Now restored to its former old glory minus the dust of time,

and still has its original leaded glass of Ansells,

Some fine ales inc the robust peaky blinders

ale and glasses to match

A stomping ground of UB40 yes as it was, near to their studios

they were so inspired by its charm they recorded the red red wine video in the bar (1983) (video)

Im sure Oral Sex from Edinburgh would have liked,

There's also an internal door to its Aladdin cave off licence

which has an amazing eclectic collection of different drinks/spirits from all over the world (see pics)

Naughty name

You must pop in and if your very lucky the landlord might tell you the story of W.J.Wetherspoons and the hidden sword (see pic)

Or why their Eagle is at the Woodman?

Swampy thanks for that one.


Down the road a bridge looms just before

There are some serious your not getting here wrought iron gates we peer into the history beyond of a bygone era The 200 year old Birminghams Gun Barrell Proofing Office yes,

a worthwhile museum to visit, alas closed on Saturdays,

but it is still in full operation,  providing services as it did when it opened in 1813

(time of the Napoleonic Wars,

guns part supplied and manufactured in Birmingham)

Oh Jesse James who? wasn't even born 1847

Opening shortly after the only assasination of a British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval

(Former barrister working in the Midlands)

Died leaving 13 children,

Where are we Oh yes


Down on to the tranquil (deserted) Grand Union Canal

circa 1793 fully opened in 1805 built to help communication between London and Birmingham,

(first iPhone 2007)

We walk on to the end,

Er NO - it's 137miles long 166 locks

1/2 mile &  2 locks was enough for us!

Hey Banksy Woz ere! (Genuine pic)

Over the Rea aqueduct we go? (What's that?)

One to see

Back up to the

Tarmac world circa 1820


To the Forge Tavern

Oops not open due to refurb,

You know ripping out the new putting back the old which now costs vastly more than the new,


but what's that opposite (toilets) in the street?

Ok onon

Our ears drawn to the musical charms of the waggon and horses

Oops Dave sorry Derek - Nosejob forgetting the gaffers name in all the refurb excitement

Fingerless was under a musical spell (translated drink more beer)

Mad Max and Private Parts had found that private cosy corner,

Cillian Clem was spreading non vap word outside

We all found our toes starting to tap (vibrate)

now very close to one of the largest rave venues in the Midlands

which had morphed from the Rainbow pub further down the road

where the first public Reference of peaky blinders was mentioned

Circa 1890


Pics by the rainbow

And Tesla circa 2003 garage

one of the most innovative cars in the world today,

First modern car

Karl Benz circa 1886


And onward to the golden oldie no not Clem

Olde Crown 1368

Steeped in history Queen Elizabeth 1st has stopped here

a truly delightful exquisitely refurbished pub the oldest in Birmingham

Yes a fine lunch an Ale was had by all with ok a modern price

( very reasonable) Hey and peaky blinder Ale on tap,

Then the arrival of surprise guests,

no name 20s local born John birth 1916 and his lovely lady Brenda (Nosejob's mum)

They enjoyed their rustic hotpot after firstly ordering a very popular local dish

called "curry"by mistake (Balti Birmingham circa 1977)

soon rectified by the very helpfull crown staff,

John especially enjoyed the virgin down down song

and his shot of peaky Ale for his

100th  celebration year,

They even joined us at The next pub

The White Swan

Guest RA's

Dr Z and Massive

Took charge of the down downs

NJ - forgetting Landlords name, remembering LC's (or Elsie's) name

Joined by LC - supporting host

Wriggle, best outfit - Victorian swimming costume!

Clem - forgetting what food he ordered!


To the Bull Ring

Great Mob Photo by the Famous Bull nice touch for Bull Moon H3

Then with time ticking by we all went underground

To a well hidden Cocktail bar

Be At One

Where tables were reserved for us,

Nice it's happy hour


The cocktails flowed n flowed

And the tunes got us all on the dance floor

Including newly weds to be

Hey they have now sent us wedding photos of there day


After the cocktails

The evening got a little fuzzy? Ooh Why?


The Wellington

Classic great Real Ale bar

OMG we're all starving

Ok "Pizza"

The Welly let you bring in your own food

TTs suggestion ( he was the hungriest)

Four 20" pizzas WoW

We fed the pub with the excess and more

But we were all so hungry

n happy bunnies now well fed


Back on the train

Fun banter was had by all

Last orders at the Boldmere Tap Hic!

And then a totter

Ah n home ZZzz