BMH3 History

BMH3 History

Receding Hareline











12 pm

Run 31


Paper Duck, Harborne




7 pm



The Wellington




12 pm

Run 30 - Summer Party

Blofeld & Flasher





2 pm

West Mercia Red Dress Run

Warwick/Cheltenham & Cotswolds H3

The Talbot, Droitwich, WR9 8EJ




7:30 pm



The Duke Inn, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1RJ




7 pm

Run 29 - Ladies Day

Latecomer & Wriggle

The Hedgehog, Lichfield, WS13 8JB




7 pm

Run 28 - Royal Wedding Hash


Bull's Head, Birmingham




7 pm

Run 27 - Joint run with Warwick H3


Brickmakers Arms, Berkswell, CV7 7EG




7 pm

Friday 13th Part XLIX

Soggy, Ringpull & Lateceomer





12 pm

Run 26 - Easter Blue Moon Bunnies


The Bartons Arms. B6 4UP




12 pm

Run 24 - 2nd Birthday Run & Party


The Station, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6AT





Trip to Ebley Full Moon H3


The Huntsman, Falfield

Jan 18



Run 23

Run 23

Soggy Balls

The Vine West Brom B70 6RD




12 pm

Run 22 - Christmas Bash

Bull Moon Team

Purecraft Bar B2 5TJ




All Day

Trip to Ebley Full Moon H3 300th


Contact for details




12 pm

Run 21 - Middle Earth


The Bulls Head, Meriden, CV7 7NN




12 pm


Bull Moon Team






Run 20 - AGPU & Curry



Gunmakers Arms, B4 6HG






Run 19 - Pigs & Peelers (Joint Run with Quorn H3 & Mickleover H3)


Sir Robert Peel - Tamworth





Run 18 - Boys Birthday Bash


Duke Inn, Sutton Coldfield





Run 17 - Hen & Stag Hash


Manor Arms, Rushall





Run 16 - Ladies Day

Latecomer & Wriggle

Railway Inn, Shenstone





Run 15


The Wellington, Birmingham





Run 14

Wriggle & Soggy

The Angel Inn, Lichfield





Run 13

Latecomer & Soggy

The Station, Sutton Coldfield





Anniversary Run & Curry Night

Nosejob & Mad Max

NJs Pad

Jan 17




Run 11

Soggy Balls

Ye Olde Leathern Bottell





Run 10 - Christmas Celebration


Gunmakers Arms, B4 6HG





Run 9


Boldmere Tap





Run 8 - with Quorn H3

Durex & Soggy

Duke of York, Lichfield





Peaky Blinders







Run 007 - Dress to Impress

Soggy Balls

Crown & Cushion, West Brom





Run 6

TT (& Latecomer)

The Longhorn, Walsall





Run 5

Festering Gash

Angel Inn, Lichfield





Run 4 - Summer Solstice Theme

Stretch & Latecomer

Fiddle & Bone


Fri, Sat, Sun

20th, 21st, 22nd


Full Moon UK Nash Hash


Old Yardlians RFC





Run 3 - followed by Fish n Chip supper


Kyrenia Restaurant





Run 2

Soggy Balls (with LC)

Chestnut Tree, Wednesbury





Run 1

Bull Moon Team

Station Pub, Sutton Coldfield

Feb 2016




Curry Night


Regards Restaurant, Boldmere

Fond Memories...


Run 23 - The Vines, West Bromwich



Run 22 - Christmas Festivites



Run 21 - Bulls Head, Meriden


Middle England, the skies clear after a healthy Shiggy making dose of rain and an intrepid group of hashers gather for Run 21.


Hare Ringpull has set a wonderful off road trail up and down the undulating green hills of Meriden. Bogs JK Rowling would be proud of, Shiggy galore and single track paths worthy of trail bikes abound the enthusiastic pack.


Back at the Bulls Head, Game Bird produces delicious biscotti for the pack and Guest RA Walky Talky holds the circle with LC where down downs are awarded to:

Wriggle & Game Bird - Airheads

Rockclimber - FRB

Hare - Ringpull

Soggy & LC - 20 runs

Wally Talky - Guest RA


Great food and socialising ensue back inside the Bulls Head to round off a fun adventure in the middle of England.


Run 20 - AGPU & Curry Night


Bull Moon's first AGPU began at the Gunmake'rs Arms.

A rabble of Hashers set off expecting an action packed trail throughout the city centre... after an interesting trip through Millennium Point seeing the Big Sleuths arriving for their final showcase .. the trail led to a beer stop at The Eagle & Tun where beers and shots were enjoyed. Back to the trail ... which led in an almost straight line back to the Gunmaker's Arms - after all there was the (not so) serious business of Curry and AGM to attend to!


Family style service of delicious chicken curry, rice and chips from Sanjay's kitchen and the (not so) serious business was begun. GM Nosejob thanked the team (of himself, Soggy, Latecomer and the ever awol Stretch) and all resigned immediately.


Lots of fun and raucous laughter ensued as Wriggle volunteers for almost every role ... or was she just raising her hand because she hadn't heard the last thing said for the notes?!


Run 19 - Pigs n Peelers - Joint run with Quorn H3




Run 18 - Boys Birthday Bash


Hey what a great new trail

The birthday hares and Hashers enjoyed a fine ale before the off

Lovely to see new faces and old,

We were enrobed in glorious sunshine from the start,

The FRB's cracked on at a great pace,

But the checks worked their magic,

for us all to enjoy the lovely country park trail,

A great Bull Stop

Shots provided by our own mixologist (Latecomer)

and wine...


We toasted and gave thought @ the Nicola Dixon hands memorial,

Who was tragically murdered 20 years ago

After being left to die in the snow on New Year's Eve.

OnOnward we went with a spring in our step

(down hill) Trinity Hill

On to the largest welcoming sign of the ON INN

We gathered in the excellent beer garden,

Further Birthday treats

For all, snacks followed by "Chip Butties" n Ketchup

Swilled down with some fine Ale

Down downs for all

And more Yes

Birthday cake

(well Soggy's leftover wedding cake)

And Soggy very nice it was


Into the night and morning it went for some of the dirty hash stopouts.


Run 17 - Hen & Stag Hash


Ding Dong the bells did chime

Excellent hare hen Soggy

Starting at the Historic Manor Arms, glug glug

Extra extras by the vivacious Latecomer

Fab day over gorgeous countryside whisking by tranquil Onon canals the swans went gliding by,

I could feel the love from the quality brambles,

No trouble on this bridge but a

Sweets n pullout the stopper shot stop eek!

Whose idea was that :nj

Down downs galore n for all

Onon to our next Fri 4th Aug

Duke Inn


Run 16 - The Railway Inn Shenstone


Well The hash weather

😎gods shone on

Ladies Day ☀️

A few blushed cheeks this morning


Big thanks go to the Hares

Latecomer & Wriggle

Top trail


The boys were very animated

👐 around the

Boobie check

Until they realised it was a girls only check

On on to the historic

2 church's


Mmm even an Ice cream stop

And a Fizz stop


And like hashing and running in between ooh another fishhook


On Inn

We were well looked after watered n fed by the

Railway Inn excellent Ale down downs

And the best chips I've tasted in a long time

just such lovely staff aswel

Down downs

Best dressed soggy


Short cutters mad max n

Nosejob moi?

And great to see travellers as far as Australia

goanna n scrubber and

frb dire ear

oops typo :nj

And Arise our 2 namings

Fare blower


Just enough

Again v big thanks to

Mark and staff at the

Railway Inn




Run 15 - The Wellington, Birmingham City Centre




Run 14 - The Angel Inn, Lichfield


"Pink Full Moon"

Well Done hares

Wriggle & Soggy

So many great comments about the trail and so nicely varied and even "shiggy" woods, flock of virgins a Stunning cathedral at sunset

Lakes, goodie bags (2)

Both found by one of the athletic virgins

Now named

Goody 2 Shoes

We even had plenty of flour and well laid,

What's going on

➰Bull Moon

We didn't even lose anyone!

Is that a first?

Hey steady on "Organised"

Sounds painful

"Evening All"

Gained a local Bobby

Who had been following a dodgy character from the park,

turned out to be

one of the frbs (Durex)

so a little whacked up front 😶

he was been suspiciously chased by a pink tutu wearing pack of hashers n a bloke in a pink flasher mac :nj


Latecomer 💫seized her opportunity to explain and use her ➰charm

then encourage the PC to join us next time! Onon!


Must of been 15km

Ok (8.5km)

On Inn

At the excellent Angel Inn

All got soaked on the down downs (sorry drenched)

The bull vases worked well

But Malteser excelled not a drop spilt

Ringpull and gamebird beating the traffic

getting here eventually

Latecomer mastering as RA

Soggy nice pirouette on stile

And 2 namings


Caught short

Goody Two shoes

Quote from GTs exceeded my wildest dreams so much fun and will be back soonest,

GTs Promise the flour will come out your hair ( glad I didn't use the eggs)

Oh :n some guy in a pink Karen Millen flasher mac got the generously gifted massive chocolate Easter egg,

(best dressed)

Which was promptly given by Nj to Jo (regular guest with many children) covert hasher?

And a big thank you to the Angel Inn for down downs n bites

Get well soon Lea ( lovely landlady)

Also thank you ladies behind the bar top service n generosity

Sorry the singing lessons still haven't helped

But get it down! down!

Great company

Onon ➰




Run 13 - The Station, Sutton Coldfield


Memorable day for Bull Moon H3

The hares have done us proud

Latecomer & Soggy

a manage to enlighten any hash

With flour yes and in abundance... more than one bag or two,

Even shiggy Flasher tip toeing didn't go a miss,

And goodie bags n cereal bars

( thank you DECATHLON)


Ah and the station

down downs

Basic beer er... No

They supplied their best

They really are to good to be true, a hashers dream pub

Blimey only some platters of double fried chips n sauces to finish,

and then the...

"pièce de résistance"

Oh yes

A Naming yes our first

And took a whole bag of flour

Oh well

Arise "Game Bird"

And I think she is

On on to run 14




Run 12 - Baby Bull turns 1



Run 11 - Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, Wednesbury


A sparkling start to the New Year! Mavin and Frequent Cummer stepped out on a chilly moonlit evening to join Nosejob, Latecomer and hare Soggy for a route that wandered around, round about, up and down with an intriguing pit stop in Decathlon where everyone was sent looking for a hidden prize ... be wary of the big cat! Latecomer eventually found the goodie bag hidden in the puma sweatshirts. Thanks go once again to our generous sponsors Decathalon. On Inn to the warmth of Ye Olde Leathern Bottel where the landlord and staff welcomed the small pack with friendly hospitality. Down downs for all, new year wishes to all... on on into February!


Run 10 - Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham


Our first Xmas for Baby Bull Moon

Starting at the Gun makers arms thank you Gaffer Sanjay we will be back for the brewery tour,

Off on our twinkling merry way,

The Old Cs looking oh so Christmassy and my counterpart Crimbo jumper boys didnt fail to impress,

Our quizzical theme threaded through the night,...

And smoking shots hit the spot

Off to Edwards brew house micro style and some of there own brewed Ale,

One for the road and the brainacs off to the market oops last orders at 9.15 but not to be out dimmed,

The old joint stock looked stunning enrobed in its Xmas finery more shots and oh so buttery mince pies

Intimate Carol singing was of the highest fingers in the ear quality, not such a silent night,

But more like whose tripped over the ivy and ended up in the holly,

Then with heads still attached..the train to whisk us away the manger awaited our return...

mullered wine hmm


No mullered carbon toffee more like,

Oh oh oh

Aw well it's Xmas



Run 9 - Boldmere Tap, Sutton Coldfield


What a social weekend Run 9 turned out to be!


Friday Night is Curry Night in Bull Moon land - drinks at NJs then off to our old pals at Regards for a feast, Nosejob making a tradition of practicsing his bottle opening skills!


Saturday dawns sunny and Stretch has set off early to lay the trail ... first stop to buy the flour ... he might have thought one of us would offer to help - he was mistaken!!


Excitement looms as visitors arrive, friends from MKH3, Ebley FMH3, and Wriggle (then hashhomeless, now Bull Moon claimed!) and the pack heads down towards the pub in search of the hare. A short and sweet trail from Stretch with a few twists and turns, a tuneful song stop led by songmistress Possee and excitement for Nosejob as we stop at Britton Drive and he checks out whether any of the houses are for sale!


On on to a drink stop at Nosejob's pad - warming shots and yummy energy bars before heading off again around the streets of Boldmere and back to the Tap for jacket potato lunches and down downs.


Latecomer presented the new Bull Moon H3 Hash Horn and was duly nominated to christen it!

Further down downs were awarded to:

TT for his epic hangover

Wriggle for attacking and wrestling the RA to the floor during lunch

Dr Doo for forgetting it's November and wearing shorts

Flaps for being a fussy drinker and emptying two barrells in the pub

CD for waking the hare

Possee for leading the songstop and circle with her dulcit tones

Stretch for haring a wonderfully short trail

Good Head - being late

PP for being a good starter at least!


Those that weren't dashing off headed for a quick change then on into Sutton Coldfield for an evening of beers and music at the Station and Three Tuns ... On on - Hic!


Run 8 - Duke of York, Lichfield - joint run with Quorn H3


Our Hash Trash this month comes from Durex of Quorn H3 -


What a grand day out our joint trail in Lichfield with the Bull Moon H3 turned out to be. Our RA did us proud with yet another dry sunny run.


Lichfield is a lovely little city and we can't believe we've never visited it before even though we live just 25 minutes up the A38. I can even forgive them for claiming Lichfield rather than Solihull was the birth place of Dr Johnson.


The Duke of York was an excellent On Inn, a friendly pub with excellent ales, plenty of room and real pub food snacks such as pork pies and scotch eggs. Worth a visit if you are in Lichfield.


The Bull Moon Hash celebrates full moons with a hash trail, fittingly done this month in Lichfield at a weekend when the Lunar Society were also meeting in Lichfield with a conference celebrating 250 years of the society. Lunarticks (as they were known) have had many famous members from the scientific community including Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and James Watt. They've just been going for a bit longer than the Bull Moon H3.


A reasonable sized pack, half-and-half Quorn and Bull Moon (depending how Wriggle wanted to be classified), set off just after noon on a promised 5.3 mile trail. After just over a mile with the pack still together the SRBs led by a limping B*gger were offered the option of a shortcut. This was readily taken by a majority of the Bull Moon H3. This left Ballcrusher, Goblin and Malteaser (the 'C-Team') to do most of the checking.


Hash hound Freya showed the fishmen how not to catch fish by jumping into the fishing ponds. Being in Staffordshire there were no sheep or cows to entertain us, just a couple of horses.


Just over two-thirds around the trail was a beer stop courtesy of Soggy Balls. The walkers arrived here well before opening time but it was a most welcome drink on a warm sunny day.


In the Duke of York we had a room to ourselves, which is probably just as well with Quorn RA Chicki trying out a full range of DD songs. Distracted by a large pork pie and hash chips I forgot to make any notes about the circle led by Stretch and Chicki. This is what I remember... though no necessarily in this order.


Hares Durex and Soggy Balls were given seperate DDs and thanked for a good trail. The former was smiling as nobody had been lost, the latter was under the supervision of his parents. Malteaser received two awards, one for not seeing a check she was standing right next to and for being overheard mentioning she could no longer fit into her waterproof trousers. This was Skid's 200th QH3 trail and she had come a long way to participate. Coach was selected as the token Bull Moon walker accompanied by hash virgin Jan (?). Nose Job was thanked for his lack of control of the said hash hound at the fishing ponds and Mad Max for showing such great appreciation of strawberry flavoured water at the drinks stop. Too Tuf's roll of honour as a Down Down champion was recited following his recently added accolade as Madrid Hash DD champion. Ballcrusher did a lot of checking today but was only remembered for the one on which he turned back on the correct trail. Well that kept the pack together allowing Stretch and Nose Job walking at the back to keep up. Then finally there was Wriggle, promiscuous regarding the hashes she associates with, mingling with many but unable to decide as to which one she belongs to.


These joint trails are always great fun. Let's have more!

On On..... Durex


Peaky Blinders Hash Trash


Run 007 - The Crown & Cushion, West Bromwich


Dress to impress - the select gang arrived dressed up to the nines… well at least their top halves were!


Fabulous Full Moon trail by Hare Soggy Balls through glorious Sandwell Valley Country Park which included a circuit around a lovely lake, outdoor gym workout at dusk and trail through agility dog competition camping site and a selfie on the motorway bridge (with a well timed sweetie stop). On the other side of the bridge was a beautiful moonlit walk around Swan Pool, with stunning views of the moon, lots of night time fisherman and the opportunity for Nosejob and Soggy to practice their best James Bond secret agent poses.


Back across the bridge and through the dog camp, Soggy treated us to his best Scooby Doo impression in an attempt to wake up all the collies before TT went looking for Latecomer who, lagging behind, almost got lost in the dark. All back together and the pack found a magical fairy glen which produced a tasty cider, beer and kitkat drinks stop. Mad Max was enchanted with the fairy lights in the glen.


On on for a ceremonious walk back to the On Inn where the Bull Moon Choir (Soggy, Latecomer and Nosejob) got stuck into the Karaoke, much to the amusement of TT, Mad Max and No Name Jane. Friends were made with the girls on the table next to us and general raucousness ensued.


Great time had by all - well done to our brilliant hare Soggy Balls who looked incredibly dapper in his DJ and fresh cut hair!


Run 6 - The Longhorn, Walsall


A great trail, TT you star, one of the greatest full moons I have seen! Fab beer stop. Papa NJ


Ta Ta, with a bad food I managed a 3.25mil trail in woods, roads and fields - canals also appeared. Good company with other hashers and a visit from Digit - all good fun. Soggy Balls


Another horn broken but lots of fun was had making new friends, loved the route and trail. No Name T


Great first run! Picturesque, good fun, good company and good beer. Will want to do more, although not sure about the doggy food in the car park! No Name M


Miles or kilometres… who knows?! TT


Bloody good mate, like a bit of bush! DD


No shoes, no knees, no trail laying! Great trail by TT, even if some of the markings were a bit dodgy! Celebrated NJ’s promotion to Grandfatherhood - congratulations Papa NJ.


Run 5 - Angel Inn, Lichfield


A select group of runners led by hare FG, met at the Angel Inn, Lichfield for a pre run thirst quencher. Consideration was given to the idea of staying put and enjoying the weather n top ales

but we’re hashers after all Onon we set off on the trail…some more for the weather Latecomer in her

Beach ready flip flops!!

Down down


FG had laid a well marked trail taking in the best of the beautiful sights of Lichfield including the Cathedral, Minster Pool and Stowe Pool,

Was that tt short cutting?

Ooh and a paddling stop for Latecomer and Nosejob


(who gallantly offered to keep her company - or was it he decided it was too hot to run?!) way

Quick pop in the duke of York (hash research) hic!

before heading back to the Angel for down downs and great pork pie.


Down Downs were awarded to all curtesy of Landlady Lea

Wriggle for being scruffy (or on her knees so much she’d worn a hole in her running pants), Soggy for being an FRB, Nosejob and Latecomer for being awol, Tighter Twat for running amok and of course hare Festering Gash for setting a fabulously short trail! Even Lea the landlady and pub dog Alfie joined in on the action for down downs and group photos.


Socialising and sharing plates of cheese and pate ensued to round off a hot summer’s evening

Top pub n gaffa n hound Alfie, we will be back in October on the pub crawl

And even the special invite pirates evening in January


Run 4 - Fiddle & Bone, City Centre


Ladies Debut! Latecomer set the trail, arranged the beer stop and had her first stint at RA for the circle (albeit ably supported by the dependable Soggy Balls!)


The city centre trail took in many of the best parts of Birmingham, including the canals, Mailbox, Colmore Row, St Phllips Cathedral and the new Grand Central. New visitors to Bull Moon -

After 30 odd years in the Hash House Harriers community, I finally became a fully fledged Hare tonight - and had a brief stint as RA too!! Thank you to my Bull Moon H3 team, Paul Britton, Stuart Tiley, Steven Tuckfield and Jon Dufty for being such a great support and to Tracy, Cheryl, Matt, Kimmy, Chris, Steve & Barry for showing up!!!


Run 3 - Kyrenia, Boldmere


We rocked up at the Bishop Vesey in Boldmere to discover a visiting hasher hiding around the corner… Hey Stiff Meat!

Ventured into the bar to meet all the hashers. After a swift prelube, we circled up outside Kyrenia Fish n Chip Shop. Apologies from the RA (Stretch) who had stopped at a regroup on the M40, so the RA Moon (FesterIng Gash) stepped up to the task and GM Nosejob announced the hare of the day… Nosejob!! RA commenced his duties by awarding the hare with a pair of bunny ears.

Trail markings were described, like no flour and the on on was called and we shot off down the high street (strolled) with the hare in hot pursuit!

After a very short period (5 seconds) it was noticed that Latecomer and Mad Max had lost the trail… After many twists and turns on the beautiful tarmac by the leading pack, set against the soft grey blanket sky, two distressed (smug) harriettes were seen in the distance, their eyes gazing at their watches with a look of ‘What kept you?’!

A swift turn and off into the direction of Sutton Park (beautiful nature reserve) awaiting its peace and tranquillity to be disturbed by horns and shouts of ‘On on’.

The pack stopped at a stunning view point across the lake where the ducks and geese looked on disgruntled at the flour and lack of bread!

Off into the woods with Little Boy Blue and his horn (Soggy Balls) the pack scampered along waiting for the all important Beer Near mark which after many hills and valleys (about 5 minutes) appeared by another lake and then, wow, a beer stop - beer, shots of hazelnut vodka accompanied the mini muffins and a giant chocolate bar (which was mainly devoured by Fester and Soggy).

Nosejob bestowed his award (which he randomly found in the boot of the car) to Stiff Meat - Groucho Marx glasses, nose and moustache which he duly wore for the rest of the trail, commenting ‘this moustache has a funny smell, who wore it last?’ to which Nosejob replied ‘I’m not sure if it was the curry night, the haggis night or the pub crawl!’.

A sight to behold unfolded as Nosejob called on every bird in the world to come and devour his wonderful loaf!! Only half way through the loaf it was then pointed out by the rest of the hashers, who were busy drinking beer and vodka, that there is a national campaign in progress not to feed ducks with bread and even though NJ pointed out this was fresh seeded wholemeal (nothing else left in the shop) he was informed all bread was no good. NJ cowered behind the loaf until the flock dispersed. Everyone was mesmerised by one large stunning green duck, never seen before (we thought))), we had discovered a new breed! After searching t’internet it turned out to be an Emerald Green Mallard, better known as a ‘manky duck’! End of the beer/duck stop and the trail disappeared up the hill. Flour was seen to be on another marker which was a bright white spray mark … we realised this was the eco chalk spray from run 1 two months ago, still shining brightly in the dusky night!! The FRBs headed on up the hill with a stunning fish hook waiting for them at the top which Soggy was relieved to miss out on!

We swept on back down the hill with horns and ‘on ons’ only to come across more signage of yellow boxes, pink markers, blue markers and the FRBs were amazed with such creative signage, but in the excitement the hare Nosejob was swift to point out this was for the gas and water board and not new hash marks! On on to the On Inn which Fester had missed even though it was 4’x2’ lettering and we cruised into the Bishop Vesey to find the harriettes yet again gazing at their watches! The FRBs asked ‘what was our time?’!

A swift pint, a happy reunion with Stretch who had finally realised the run was not set on the M40, a change into our slinky one pieces and a circle was formed outside Kyrenia. All were blessed with down downs, some more than others (really Mad Max and Nosejob – not using hash handles?!) except for Latecomer who mysteriously managed to get away with none!

The hare was praised by the GM (Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor) for not losing anyone on the trail – a first in Bull Moon history!!

More musical horn playing from Soggy Balls who, after drinking his down down through the horn, confessed that he had played trumpet at school and received a horn (trumpet) as an 18th birthday present before then turning professional and starring with Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen!

Stunning food and service at Kyrenia, they even provided glasses for the pre-chilled bottle of wine (a nice chenin blanc) that appeared courtesy of Nosejob. The gang had a great social time getting to know visitor Stiff Meat and the pack retired back to the Bishop Vesey until last orders, social merriment then unfolded at Nosejob’s pad in which his drinks cabinet was duly emptied – no names mentioned (Latecomer).


Run 2 - Chestnut Tree, Wednesbury


A crisp dry evening greeted us all (great)

Hare Soggy Balls had done us proud with a great trail,

Great I can try my new head torch 500 lumens (like running on a sunny beach... ok without the sand)

Setting off just gone 7pm under a beautiful

Full Moon, (that bits true)

( Massive was seen heading to IKEA shortly after) false trail? Or caught in my truck headlights?

Latecomer was seen heading to the Costa drive in (yep Costa drive thru) no false trail

Oh sorry, she's looking after Show Me Your Posse

Convalescing after surgery (get well soon)

The Trail Included a run (novel idea)

Well shopping stroll (that's more like it!)

through Decathlon sports superstore,

With a Treasure hunt (no not Jules get well soon)

Where a generous gift by Decathlon was hunted down (backpack with goodies)

Hooker was so close but was eventually found by Show Me Your Posse in the tutu ballet section,

Well hidden Latecomer

Then followed a Drink stop... not you Latecomer :))

(nice touch soggy)

Ooh back to the hashing...with quirky twists n turns

( I'm lost?) all planned

And magical flour Arrows that appeared just like the flour fairies had been following knowing when I needed help (a lot)

And then onward to a welcoming on inn

At the Chestnut tree pub

Massive appears looking fresh and changed

(Recovering from torch blindness)

Brusk down downs by the reserve

Ra nosejob (food on table inside)

And then back in to curry night (Beef Madras)

Swilled down with a nice pint of hobgoblin

You know this hashing thing could catch




Inaugural Weekend - 19th/20th February 2016



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