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Saturday 31 January 2018

Road Trip: Ebley Full Moon H3

Time: TBC


Email admin@bullmoonh3.co.uk if you would like to come along.


Saturday 17 February 2018

Run 24: Bull Moon H3 Valentine & 2nd Birthday celebration

Venue: The Station, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6AT

Time: 12 pm

Hare: Nosejob


Party Dress Valentines and Birthday Run - join us to celebrate love & life!

New to Hashing?

Who are Bull Moon Hash House Harriers?


Bull Moon H3 is the first Full Moon Hash in Birmingham, meeting on a monthly basis on or around the date of the Full Moon.


Whilst a common theme of hashing is "there are no rules," the first club registration formed the original "Rules". Written with wry jest of a good Brit, the objectives of the Hash House Harriers were listed as:


(a) to promote physical fitness amongst its members

(b) to get rid of weekend hangovers

(c) to acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it with beer

(d) to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel


Bull Moon H3 adopts these principles with an aim to provide fitness in a fun and social setting with respect to all who come along to join us. When you join us you can expect a warm welcome, a buddy/mentor who will ensure you meet the regulars, understand the trail markings and 'traditions' we follow. First time visit is for free and includes a drink after the run. If we have done it right and you enjoy it enough to come again, do so for just £2 per run.


What is Hashing?


It is said that “if you have half a mind to join the Hash, that’s all it takes”.


Hashing is a form of non-competitive cross-country running with the main objective of working up a decent thirst. Great emphasis is placed on the social aspects - particularly the refreshment session at the après-hash. It's a fun activity and must not be taken at all seriously.


If you have hashed before you will know the format, but for the innocent here's a quick rundown on what might happen.


The Hash generally meets at a pub chosen by the hares (those that have set the trail) and the hounds, or pack, and set off at the appointed hour along a clearly defined trail (blobs of chalk or sawdust) with the front runners calling "ON, ON" for the benefit of the slower runners and latecomers catching up.


Every 500 metres or so the trail will end, signified by a check mark which may be in the form of a line or a circle. The frontrunners on reaching the check start searching for the new trail. This can be in any direction, along paths, streets, up rivers and streams or up the side of a convenient hill.


The time taken by the frontrunners to find the new trail allows the runners at the back to catch up thus increasing the chances of everyone reaching the pub at the end at roughly the same time. The frontrunners will usually find that the cunning hares have laid some false trails in addition to the real trail - which are designed to ensure that the really fit types, sometimes known as FRBs (Front Running Bastards) will become exhausted more quickly keep together with the slower hashers.


Another device used by Hares to achieve the same objective is the loop whereby the trail might go round 3 sides of a field allowing the back markers to run across the fourth.


Hash runs usually last 1 - 1½ hours, you don't have to be a seasoned runner, we have people of all fitness levels from walkers to marathon runners, the trails are designed to include everyone. Revelries in the pub after the run are up to the individual but it has been known for some muddy sweaty hashers to be turned out of the pub at closing time...




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